Motivation and Discipline - Your Passion is the Inspiration

Motivation and discipline.  We all know they're necessary if we want to succeed in life. We have to put in the effort and we have to stay the course.

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When you have a goal, if there's true inspiration behind it - a true sense of passion, the task of accomplishing the goal becomes much easier.  Dropping habits that don't support your goal is easier to do. When your desire to have what you want is strong and feels like it's a part of who you are, there's no question you'll do what you need to do in order to get there.

Life is short.  Shorter than we think.  In fact, we really only know for certain that the moment we're having right now is the only one we can count on.  You never know when your life will change or even end. This is not to be morbid.  But  if we waste our lives half-living, we end up at the end of them with regret.  The things we "meant to do", or would do "once we had the time", just never seemed to materialize.  None of us wants to be filled with regret.  Because of this, it's important to seize life and live it as fully as possible.  Don't waste your time doing something that doesn't fill you with joy or excitement.  If you can fully grasp the concept that death can come at any time, you'll make sure you live your life as well as you can.  There are no more excuses for stalling.  You'll also find yourself living with more purpose in all situations.

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So, what does this entail? It means being courageous in all of your choices.  You'll stop wasting time on things that don't bring you joy, or closer to your goals.  With each choice you make, and we're constantly making choices throughout the day, you're deciding whether or not you're choosing success.  I'm not advocating pushing yourself without also taking time for rest.  Part of being successful is doing everything necessary to accomplish this.. It means taking care of your physical body as well as your mental and emotional states. There needs to be balance in all aspects of your life. Rest is a part of accomplishing your goals. When you take care of yourself, you have more energy and enthusiasm.  Your results are better and easier to achieve.

Own Your Desires and Goals

When you know what it is you want, own it.  Claim it as who you are and what you're going to be doing.  Admit it to yourself and be willing to admit it to anyone else.  When you do this, you're stating that you'll do whatever it takes to reach your goal.  You've now committed 100% to following through. This is fully owning your goal or desired outcome.  

Letting Go of Fear

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But what if, in the process of owning your goal, fears or doubts crop up? The closer you come to defining what you want and committing to it, the more likely it is your doubts or fears can show up. Fears such as, "What if I fail at this?"  What if I make a fool of myself?"  "What if they laugh at me or criticize me". "What if I just don't have what it takes to do this?"  These concerns can feel very real. They aren't pleasant and they hold you back.  In order to have anything you want, you need to be in complete alignment with your desire.  These goals and desires have to resonate, 100% within you.

When these doubts or thoughts come up, exam them and deal with them. This is the work I do with clients.  We identify what holds them back, whether fears, doubts, or belief patterns. The blocks are then released once and for all.  The final step is bringing them 100% into alignment with their inner strengths and goals.

To get rid of a fear or doubt that blocks your success, you need to exam it.  You need to understand it so you can easily let it go. When the conscious, logical mind comprehends the doubts and where they've come from, the task of releasing happens much quicker.

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When you firmly make the decision that not only you, but your quality of life is worth much more than any fear, you gain the ability to conquer your fears and do whatever it takes to succeed.

If you're looking for ways to increase your discipline or jumpstart more motivation in your life, book a complimentary call.  We can discuss your goals and ways in which to release these blocks.

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