Empower yourself - Change your thoughts

How our thoughts determine our quality of life

The thoughts you have determine your life, your success, even your state of health.  Your brain is set to keep you in alignment with what you believe.  It’s a safety mechanism designed to keep the species alive.  Whatever you tell your brain, especially if you repeat it over and over again, as in your “Recurring thoughts”, the more it becomes true for you.  

The good news though, is you can change your mind.  Your mind doesn’t question if what you tell it is true or not.  It just accepts it as fact, and then acts on these thoughts.
So if you keep telling yourself, “I can’ do this”, or, “I’m sick of this”, your body will respond by finding ways for you not doing something, and even create sickness in your body. 

The RAS in your brain and why its important

We have a bundle of nerves in our brains called the RAS, or Reticulating Activation System.  Once you identify something that you care about, or is important to you, you signal your brain to be on the lookout for this situation, item, etc.

An example is when you decide you want to buy a particular car.  All of a sudden, you start to see this particulate car everywhere you go.  And any times it’s in the exact color you’ve identified that you want.

It’s not that suddenly there are suddenly more of these cars on the road, but instead, your mind is now focused on what you’ve said is important to you.  It now goes about noticing the cars that in the past, you wouldn’t have even seen.

For a more in-depth understanding of the RSA, you can read this article: RAS - What it is 

Use your mind to work for you, instead of against you

Now that you know how the mind works, you can start to use it to work in your favor as opposed to working against you.  It’s not that your mind has been purposely trying to sabotage you.  It’s only that it has been following what it thought you wanted.  

Tell your mind a new story.  Tell it what you want it to focus on.  Want a happy, healthy relationship?  Tell your mind, “I attract the perfect soul mate”.  Want more success or more money?  Tell your brain, “I’m successful”, “I have more than enough money for what I want”. 

Yes, this sounds overly simple. But through repetition, you can in fact change what your mind believes.  Add to this, the tools of EFT or tapping and you can get rid of any resistance you have to what you want.

For instance, let’s use the example of “I attract my perfect soul mate”.  When you say this, what’s the kickback, or the “Yeah, but….”?  What pops into your mind as the reason you can’t have this?  There’s no right or wrong answer here.  Whatever comes up for you is the answer you want or need in order to let go of that belief that limits you from having what you want.

Then take that belief and rate it as to ‘How true it is”.  Give it a score from 1-10.  So, when you say the phrase you’re working on, is it a 10 - absolutely true?  Or a 0?  “No way is that true for me!”  Or any number in between.  

You’re just giving yourself a gauge to go by so you know that it’s shifting and ultimately releasing as you go through the EFT exercises. 

There’s a very informative book by Marisa Peer, a world-renowned and successful hypnotist who has worked with everyone from celebrities, rock stars, and billionaires to help them improve their lives.  If you want a great read that covers the science behind how hypnosis works, as well as examples of how you can use it to change your life, you can take a look at it here: 

Become aware of your inner thoughts

This is by far one of the most important steps you can take.  Start becoming aware of your inner dialogue. And then change what you say to yourself.  Some examples of what you might be saying are:
  • This commute is killing me.  Is it really?   How about the fact that you have a job?  You can instead tell yourself, “I’m happy to have a job even if the commute is longer than I would like”
  • I’m exhausted!  Instead say, “My body is tired right now and just needs to recharge”
  • I never have enough time.  Try, “I have plenty of time to accomplish what I want/need to do”
As you begin telling yourself a better line, you’ll find that things change in your life - for real. Suddenly, you find extra time, or you become more efficient and complete what you need to get done.

Play with this idea.  It’s fun.  See what you can change in your life, merely by changing what you tell yourself on a daily basis.  You’ll definitely see the difference.