Your Life Experiences - It's Your Choice To Decide What You Do With Them

In life we're presented will all sorts of situations, relationships, and challenges.  How you react to them, what you take away from them in terms of life lessons, is entirely up to you.

It's Your Choice Drip

It's Your Choice 

Will you let them mold you in ways that don't benefit you?  Will you allow them to create a smaller version of yourself?  Or will you decide they don't define you and you'll do what it takes to learn from them and rise above them?  It's your choice.  The decision, while not always an easy one, is up to you.

Choose to view your challenging situations as a learning tool for yourself


Part 1 - Acknowledge exactly where you're at.  What are you feeling?  Disillusioned, depressed, angry, or rejected?  There all kinds of valid emotions that come up when we're faced with a challenging situation or relationship.  Any emotion you feel is valid.  Right here, right now, realize that, and if your tendency is to downplay how you feel, stop it.  If you pretend you aren't feeling what you're experiencing, you lower your ability to effectively deal with what's going on and to let go of it once and for all.  Don't do that to yourself.

But what if my emotions feel too intense?

There's a reason people avoid their emotions.  Our emotional responses can be intense. It's a valid concern because most of us were never taught how to quickly and effectively deal with our emotions.  This is where EFT, or The Emotional Freedom Technique comes in.  I use this technique with my clients, along with a combination of FasterEFT and Ask & Receive as a way to completely collapse the intensity.  This way the client is able to quickly move into a place of empowerment, choice, and taking action.  They've dismantled the hold these emotions have over them and they're able to think and react from a better place.

When you drop into a calmer state, you can objectively step back and decide what, if anything you can take away from the situation.  You're given the opportunity to make choices that are in your best interest and that keep you from feeling stuck in any situation.  Give yourself this gift - the gift of being able to accurately assess where you're at without getting caught up in overwhelm. Then make the decisions or choices that are best for you.

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