Being Open - How it brings love, generosity and new opportunities into your life

When you're open and accepting, you notice the people you meet or come into contact with are more generous and open as well.  Their generous, caring spirit comes out.  When you're open and accepting, all of your relationships become stronger, deeper, and kinder.  

Being open

If we allow ourselves to open our hearts to not only love, but also to what comes into our life, trusting in whatever comes, we open to the many possibilities in life.  The more open and whole you are, the more you receive and consequently, the more you can give.  Being open means trusting in others and trusting yourself.  In other words, that you'll be alright, no matter what happens.

In order to feel comfortable with being open, you first need to feel safe. It can be scary allowing yourself to feel vulnerable and to just "be" in each moment of your life - without the need to put up a barrier.   One of the ways to feel less hesitant about being vulnerable, is to make sure you feel "whole."  

Being "whole" means:
  • Having a strong sense of balance within your life,   
  • Valuing who you are as a person - really caring for yourself in the same way you care about others.  
  • And having healthy boundaries.
We must first love ourselves before we can fully love others - which is with all our heart.  When you care about yourself, you don't allow situations or people to treat you in any way other than fair and kind.  You might find there are times when you have to speak up for yourself, but when you care about yourself and what's fair for you, it becomes easier to do.  

Another way that helps us have the feeling that all is safe in our world is by feeling we're protected and provided for.  What gives you this feeling? Maybe for you this means you're self-sufficient and can take care of yourself.  For others it could mean having a companion or partner who provides some kind of support and protection.  And for some it's the spiritual feeling that we are always provided for.  Whatever helps you gain this feeling, strive for it and incorporate it into your life. 

There are different types of support.  Financial, emotional, and even physical support.  In a balanced relationship, both parties bring some kind of support to their partner.  What are you good at that you can give to the relationship?  What areas within yourself can you strengthen or expand even more?

Our Life Experiences Can Close Us Down

Sometimes your life experiences can make it hard to be open.  I grew up in the world of ballet - a very competitive environment.  It wasn't an environment where you could be trusting or open, and survive.  There were many cut-throat dancers, going for the same parts as you.  Unfortunately for me, it caused me to close down and keep to myself.  It was what worked for me in this particular setting.

After leaving the ballet world though, I began to work on trusting others and creating loving relationships.  The happier and more open I became, the more incredibly nice, helpful, and loving people came into my life.  It was a kind of magnetic effect.  When you're open and trusting, the people you interact with respond in kind.  Even today I'm amazed at how many wonderful people I meet.  

When you Open to Life, All Kinds of Wonderful Events and Opportunities Occur

Another interesting aspect of living in trust, is there are more, sweet little, positive events that seem to happen everyday.  It seems the less energy or thought I use in an effort to "protect" myself, the more wide open my life becomes.  Whether it's a great new client signing up to work with me, or a business deal going through easily, to even small, odd little things.  Something like the perfect parking spot showing up in a crowded lot just as I enter the row.  Or an organic farmer offering me some of his fresh strawberries just because they're ripe and he'd like to share them.  

These are just random happenings and just a few examples, but they occur almost everyday now.  I've found that when you open up and at the same time are more kind to others, it sets in motion a positive life. And as you learn to care enough about yourself to do what's needed to support your life, you end up being more helpful, trusting and caring in the world at large.  You'll find yourself doing more to help the people around you.

Opening to Love - Unconditionally

When you open to love, keeping your heart wide open and accepting of other people, and when you connect with others in a loving or supportive way, you'll be amazed at how many great people show up.  They seem to just pop into your life.  Many times, the people already in your life also tend to rise to the occasion themselves.  They respond to you in kinder, gentler ways.  When you decide to make the switch, if you find there are certain people who aren't kind to you, examine how much you're able to care about yourself and your well-being.  Decide if these are the types of people who are the best fit for your life.  Sometimes when we change, we have to leave behind what no longer works for us. Taking care of yourself and what you need to be happy and healthy, isn't selfish. Remember, the happier you become, the more you're able to contribute to other people.

Other Ways of Being Open

Being open, also means being open to change.  Allowing yourself to let in new ways of doing, thinking, or being. When you don't have preconceived notions of how something "should" be, you just allow what is, to filter in.  You'll find the things that do come in are perfectly suited for what you need at that time. Being open is all about dropping your resistance.  

Practicing openness, not only makes a difference for you, but for the people you encounter in your life.  A "win-win" situation.

In the next article I'll outline ways in which you can become more open and receptive.

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