Let Go of Past Mistakes and The Hold They Have On You

Hanging on to past mistakes only slows you down.  If you focus on past mistakes, it keeps you from moving forward with ease and from accomplishing what you want. 

let go of past mistakes

You make mistakes when you take a chance on growth 

If you aren't making mistakes, you're playing it safe.  You aren't pushing yourself to be the best you can be.  Part of growing as a person, is taking a chance and making mistakes.  You have to take calculated risks to see what you can achieve in life.  When you make a mistake, realize you need to look at another avenue.  That's all a mistake is.  Tell yourself, "I went this way.  It didn't work out. Regroup and change direction or change tactics."  

Mistakes don't define you - They inform  you

So you tried something and it didn't work out.  Good for you for having the courage to try.  Now take an objective look at it and see what you can learn from the results.  Where can you  make tweaks? Do you need to scrap the whole project or goal?  Is it something that can work out with some changes? As you look at ways of changing it, or moving on, you learn what works for you and what doesn't. This way you don't have to repeat the same mistake.

Put your focus on moving forward - Not staying in the past

Once you've decided what changes you need to make, let go of the mistake!  Don't keep going over it again and again.  And do NOT beat yourself up for having made a mistake.  

From a logical approach, realize staying stuck in an emotional tape loop causes you to become afraid of trying anything else.  It also zaps you of your energy and enthusiasm.  Ask yourself - "Is this the best use of my time and my thought process?  Or am I better served by learning to let it go, forgiving myself, and focusing on how I want to proceed from here?"  

You'll realize your time and effort is much more productive by letting go of any need to beat yourself up over it.  Beating yourself up is:

  • Not going to motivate you
  • Not going to keep you from making other mistakes because that's how you learn
  • Not going to create enthusiasm for any other projects you want to do
What it will do is keep you stuck in one place and prevent you from moving forward.  It can stop you dead in your tracks from accomplishing what you want to do in life.  Is that really in your best interest?

Do what works for you to let go of being stuck in the past

Whatever method works for you to move on from your mistakes, do it.  EFT and FasterEFT are great tools I use with clients.  They help to acknowledge your feelings about a mistake or results you hadn't wanted,  so you're able to let it go. It's important you honor your emotions because then you can quickly move through them.   With them out of the way, you can then calmly take away any information or knowledge from the experience. 

Be willing to take the time to work through the emotions in an efficient manner and then get on with your dreams and your life.

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Surround yourself with people who challenge you to be yourself

To be happy, successful, and content in life, surround yourself with people who not only accept you exactly for who you are, but who demonstrate the willingness in their own life to fully express who they are.  These are the people striving to be the best person they can be - a person who fully embodies their truth.  When you're around people like this, they inspire each other to live their truth - fully alive.

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with"

The people you surround yourself have an effect on you - more than you imagine.  As John Rohn, the American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker stated, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with".  In my own life, and in my work I've seen how true this is.  

When you're around people who really go for it in life, you're inspired to do the same.  When one of you has a setback, the other people or person encourages you to get up and try again.  It's through their words and their example that you're encouraged. 

What we observe affects how we act

Art Markman, P.H.D, wrote an article  in psychology today, on how infants were influenced in their actions by what they saw - just by viewing pictures of people.  In a study, infants were shown different photographs.  The infants who were shown a photograph of more than one person, even when those people weren't looking at each other, reacted differently than the infants who were shown photographs of only one person in the picture, or images that didn't look at all like people. 

The infants shown the photos of two people together, would later help an adult pick up something that the adult had dropped.  They were much more likely to help and interact with the adult.  The infants who viewed the other photographs didn't help at all.

be yourself toddler

If the behavior of infants is affected simply by photographs of people, imagine the impact your closest friends, family, or significant other have on you when you're interacting with them in person. Especially on a daily basis.

You're wired to fit in - why it's important

Humans have an innate need to fit in and be accepted by the group.  We've evolved as social animals and are biologically wired this way.  Being accepted represents survival to us on a very basic level.  Because of this wiring, we conform in order to fit in, both in a conscious way and an unconscious way.  The need to conform can lead to anxiety when we don't feel like we belong. We'll even go out of our way, subconsciously to sabotage our success in an effort to belong to our group of peers. Because of this wiring, the people you spend the most time with have a profound effect on your life.  

If what you want in life is to be able to fully express who you are - the strengths, gifts, and desires you want to bring to the world, be selective in who you spend the most time with.

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