What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

How would you act and feel if you knew you couldn't fail?

If you knew you couldn’t fail, how would you approach life, goals, or challenges?

Take a moment to consider a situation or goal in your life.  Does it seem attainable to you, or does it seem out of your reach?  Maybe you have some doubt about the outcome.  Allow yourself to feel what it would be like, right now if you were in the situation of having achieved your goal. The more vivid you can make it, the better. What are the sensations in your body?  What are the emotions it brings up?  Are you able to imagine a positive outcome?  If not, what are the challenges or obstacles that get in the way?  Just note each of these without any judgment about them.  This is just for your information.

Now imagine for a moment, that you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt you couldn't fail. Whatever it was you wanted, your goal or the outcome to a certain situation, would be a guaranteed win.  How would you approach this situation differently?  Would you put more time into it?  Would you keep going, even if you came up against blocks or delays?  Would you find yourself more confident and determined?  How do you feel now about the emotions or challenges you noticed before when you imagined the goal or situation?  Do they feel as strong as they did before?  Or were you able to really get a sense of how you’d keep going, if the going was tough?

When you know you can’t fail, you don’t let anything stop you

When we come from the position of knowing we won't fail, we have more confidence to keep going until we accomplish what it is we're after.  We aren't stopped by our own judgments or criticisms. Or by anyone else’s. We don't allow other people's opinions to change our course of action. We just keep going with the faith we'll succeed.

When I began to adopt this way of thinking, I noticed I didn't let setbacks stop me.  I even had more energy and enthusiasm for what it was I was tackling.  I also noticed something else.  I began to look at everything in my life, even the small tasks throughout the day, as if I would succeed.  It wasn't limited to just the bigger goals.  The feeling seemed to grow upon itself and I felt more positive about everything I did.

Begin the Process by asking “What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail?"

Start by looking at what you want to accomplish.  This can be anything - big or small.  Then ask yourself,"What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail?"  What steps would you take, what decisions or actions would you implement that you've been stalling on?  When you really let yourself imagine it from this point of view, you find you start having a more positive outlook regarding anything you attempt. You'll also find you're more willing to take risks on new endeavors.  Try to do this on a regular basis.  Make it a habit until you view everything you attempt, with the idea that you won't fail.

It’s not failing, if you’re trying - It’s learning 

The interesting thing you'll discover, is that, even though you might makes mistakes along the way, as long ass you keep putting in effort, and monitoring any changes you might neeed to make, you’re succeeding.  Because you’re moving forward, and you’re learning what works or what adjustments you need to make.

Sometimes you won't get exactly what it was you were going for.  But what you will find, is that it ends up being the perfect outcome to that situation. If you stay open, it will lead you to an even better situation than you had imagined. If you have the courage to keep going, and to remain open-minded, you'll see that you're guided by circumstances to even better results.

Sometimes the road forks off to the left. If you have the confidence that you won't fail, you're more willing to follow that fork in the road and see exactly where it leads.  It becomes an exciting adventure.  Instead of holding on tightly to the straight narrow path you first came up with, when you know you won’t fail, you;re more open to making different or better-suited choices.  There’s more fluidity to your decisions, which isn’t turn, create better results.

I encourage you to begin experimenting with what it is you've always dreamed of doing and approach it with the knowledge that you can't fail.  Not always getting the exact results we want isn't a failure. It's information that we need to possibly take a different direction. Stay open and excited about life.  And believe you can't fail.

To learn more about taking, small, yet manageable steps towards your success, Jeff Olson has an excellent book, The Slight Edge .  In it he discusses how committing to small steps each day, has profound results on the quality of your life.  By taking these small steps, they culminate into big changes over time.  It's a quick and easy read with lots of inspiration.

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