Create Success By Finding and Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs.

To create success, you need to be 100% congruent with what you're going after.  This means your subconscious mind has to be in complete alignment with your goal.  I you have a project you need to complete, a job change your contemplating, or a goal, and you aren't following through, you have a subconscious emotion or belief that's holding you back.

create success 100%

Our subconscious mind is the driver.  

Our subconscious mind drives our decisions, our actions, and how we view the world. This isn't a bad thing, unless the decisions your mind made as you were growing up don't match what you want in your life.  When you discover what these decisions or views are, you can change them to be more supportive and positive for you.

To change your perspective, look at any past upsetting events, traumas, or negative role models you had as you went through your formative years.  These can be anything you viewed as challenging, upsetting, or traumatic.  

Our minds are extremely creative in how they piece together sections of experiences and then create a decision or belief to keep us safe.  It's all done out of the instinct to survive.  What one person takes away from a situation can be completely different from what another person takes away.

create success unique views

We make decisions or beliefs out of our past encounters or even role models we witnessed in life. When you combine those with a  new experience, your mind comes up with it's view of the situation.  It's created by your own particular filter.


Create success by changing your filter

We create our life around us by what we belief - what our filter is telling us.  From the people we have in our lives, to the type of treatment we accept from clients, friends, even strangers. It's all driven by our past experiences and what we learned early in life.

So if you want to create more success in  your life, not only in your career, but financially and in your relationships, you have to change your filter.  It's simpler than you think.   

I help clients identify beliefs that keep them from achieving their goals by using EFT.  EFT, or The Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as "tapping", is great at discovering and collapsing subconscious beliefs that sabotage success or happiness.  As you work with EFT,  look for beliefs that are no longer supporting your success and dismantle them. As you do, your life will change.  You'll view circumstances, relationships, and opportunities differently.  As a result, you create the success you want by taking action and by making better decisions for yourself.

Be gentle with the process

What I've noticed is when you gently work on a problem and let it resolve in phases, rather than force the issue through all at once, it's an easier and more thorough process.  The subconscious feel safe bringing up any additional issues or past events that felt traumatic or threatening when they originally happened.  Our subconscious mind is here to protect us.  When you allow what's ready to be resolved come up as you work through the issues, you actually move through them more quickly than if you'd forced it.

Continue to motivate yourself by adding in the positive

An important component of change or growth is to stay inspired and motivated.  If it's all about the negative, it can get old.  Why would you want to keep growing if it's always about "What's wrong", or "What needs fixing?"  I've fallen into the trap myself by wanting to just reach the goal I'm heading for.  I've ended up only looking at what needs fixing instead of also looking at where I'm making progress, or where my life is going great.  When you do this, it ends up not being much fun.  When it's all drudgery, we tend to avoid it.  Life is about the journey and all of the parts to that journey.  We need inspiration to keep moving forward.  By adding in the positive, you're adding the inspiration.

Remember to look at what you appreciate in life -what's going right for you. A way to let the positives sink in is to use tapping to tap them in as you think about them, or talk about them.  It's a great way to anchor them.  Or  you can make a list.  At the end of the day, or even during lunch, write out what's going right for you.  Or what you accomplished that day.  It helps keep the inspiration going.

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