Whatever You're Thinking About Doing - Just Start!

Do you have a goal, a dream, or a new idea?  Whatever you're thinking about, considering, or even dreaming about, take action now!  Take one small step.  By doing this, you set it in motion.

just start

You learn and succeed by taking a chance

If you don't take a chance, you'll never know if it's something that could be successful.  You need to have the willingness to take a chance.  Build that willingness by letting go of any doubts or fears and then start somewhere.  Take that important first step.

If you don't start, you'll never know.  You won't know if it's right or wrong. If it's worth doing, or if it might need some tweaks along the way.  If you keep it safely tucked away in your imagination or in your thoughts, you'll never know if this was the one thing that would've made a difference for you or for someone else.

It can be anything - Just do it

It can be a big project, or a small one.  A conversation you've been meaning to have with someone. A new idea or career change.  If you feel a pull to do it, or it's something that keeps coming back around for you to look at, do it.  When you have those pulls, you're meant to follow them.  This is the Universe, or your own internal wisdom, giving you the nudge to try something new - something that will lead you in a new and interesting direction.

Whatever it is, if you're not doing it, you're robbing not only yourself, but anyone else who could benefit from what you have to offer.  Are you really willing to rob yourself and anyone else of this chance just because you're not sure it's a good idea?

just start take action step

Take a step - Even a small one matters

When you take a step, you set everything into motion.  Your mind starts working and opening up to possibilities.  You become more aware of ideas or opportunities that would assists you in doing it.  And somehow, once you start taking those steps, life just seems to send you exactly what you need to support your dream or project.

But........ "What if?"

If you're stalling or procrastinating on following through with something, take a look at what the "benefit" is in your not doing it.  If you're not doing it, there's some kind of hidden benefit for you.  Under your procrastination, hesitation, doubt, or over overwhelm, is a fear.  It could be anything from
  •  "fear of failing"
  •  "fear of embarrassment"
  •   or even "fear of not being accepted".  
Under the fears, is the hidden benefit.  What is this keeping you safe from? The list is endless of what we're afraid to experience.  It's just part of being human and the "need to survive".  The idea of "what if this happens" is real for us.  Our minds can come up with all kinds of scenarios of what might happen if we do what we want to do.  The best way to let go of the "what ifs?", is to find out what they are and then collapse the hold they have over you.

We all have fears - learn what they are and let them go

We all have fears.  We grew up, went through some challenges and they formed our sense of what's "safe" and what's not - what it is that represents a "danger" to us.  With the survival instinct alive in all of us, we find ways to stay safe or not feel threatened.  But, those "ideas" of safety aren't always appropriate since they were formed while we were in the stage of development which is ruled by the Primitive Brain.  At that point in our lives, we didn't have the logical brain online to help discern if something was a real threat or not.

But we're adults now and we have the capacity to change the messages our brain tells us.  We can let go of any fears that keep us from taking a chance and from succeeding.  If you feel stuck, find yourself procrastinating on an idea, project, or conversation, then there are underlying fears to address.  Work on those and you'll find yourself moving forward easily and with excitement.

Keep taking steps and deal with any internal objections as you go

If you just keep taking one step after another, you'll get to where you want to go.  It's the little steps, all added together that make it easier to keep moving forward.  These small steps, all strung together, are what bring about success.

As you go, if any other fears or objections crop up, deal with them.  Notice them, acknowledge them and work through them.  They're just information for you on what stands in the way of where you want to go.  At some point in your life, they were helpful.  But they aren't anymore.  Decide to move them out now.

Go for it - The time is now.

just start - take action

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