Healers, Intuitives, Sensitives - Fully Own Your Power

Healers, intuitives, and sensitives, the time is here to fully own your power.  To work in conjunction with what you have access to.  Not in a way that is outside of yourself, but in a way that brings it into the physical body where it remains.


The Source of your Work is Not Outside of Yourself

There are many powerful energy workers and people who work in the area of healing work.  What they tap into, Source, The Universe, God, whatever is a person's own belief, has been thought of as outside of ourselves. The higher energy outside of ourselves is called different names.  For the sake of simplicity, I'll refer to it as Source.

We're all a part of Source energy.  To believe it only resides outside of us lowers our ability to fully work with this energy.  When you connect in and set the intention that it always flows through you, you have more ability to help create greater change in the world.  By setting this intention, you declare your own part in the creation of change.  In essence, you own your power.

Your Job is to Have the Clearest Emotional, Mental, and Physical Body

If you look at Source as "over there", "above me", etc, you are in essence saying, "I'm not worthy". As my guides have said, "You are all worthy.  Your job is to do the work on your emotional, mental, and physical bodies so you can access and hold more of this energy.  That is your work.  When you're clear, you allow in more of what's needed at this time.  This is what's meant, in part, as "Heaven on Earth."  You're bringing the Divine into physical reality."

When we speak about Source energy, the norm is to refer to it as separate from us.  As outside of us.  But we all are a part of Source energy.  To create more powerful changes in this world, changes that are truly needed at this time, you need to own the part of you that is Source.  Expect more support. Call in more support.  Intend that Source dwells within you and flows through at all times.

As people who work with energy or others who pray or meditate, the tendency is to connect in with Source only when you're doing that - instead of always being connected in, flowing it through your body, and accepting that this is not only possible but a good thing.  If you feel Source is outside of you, you lower your ability to create real change. Dare to explore what comes about when you invite in Source to reside within your physical being.

Access All Parts to Be More Effective

We are being asked to call this in.  To allow it to live in our physical bodies where the flow becomes even more effective.  We're living in the physical world. It's great to talk about how amazing it feels to connect into the Divine and the wisdom that is available to us all.  But if we're not anchoring it into our physical beings where it can more easily interact with the rest of the physical world, we're doing ourselves and the rest of the planet a disservice.

When you combine Source energy with the physical body, you have access to all parts of creation and you become even more effective.  By calling in and owning that you are a part of Source, you raise your vibrational worthiness.  You're declaring your intention and your worth, which sets into motion a more powerful response.  You magnetize your energy and your intentions to help bring about positive change, and The Universe responds.

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