Create Your Best Life From the Big Perspective

If you want to create your best life, do it from the big perspective.  Get in touch with who you truly are, and then create from there.

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Now, more than ever it’s important to be in touch with who you are - your authentic self.  The part of you that has all the answers to what’s right for you.  This is the part of you that brings you to life and fills you with passion for life.

Life becomes an adventure.  You begin to trust in the process of living, growing and learning.  This sense of trust grows and you aren’t as overwhelmed by life in general.

What blocks this connection?

What then blocks this connection to self?  A few of the things that get in the way are:

  • Lack of time - not making this a priority in your life
  • Overwhelm - being too busy to slow down and settle into yourself
  • Not believing it’s possible
  • Not believing it’s worth doing
  • Not believing in yourself - that you don’t have much to offer
  • Fear - fear of “Who would I be?”, or “What would I have to do, if I did this?” In other words, fear of the unknown.  
  • Fear of other people's reactions

All of these are valid reasons.  But are you really willing to let any of then get in the way of you creating the life you were meant to be living?  Or block what you can contribute to the world?  The “world” can just be the people around you.  You don’t have to have large expectations.  You can, but it’s not necessary to make a big difference.  If you just impact the people around you in positives ways, you’ve done a lot.  Remember, it’s a ripple effect.  You impact them - they impact the other people in their lives and it ripples out into the world.

Be willing to look at the reasons you hold back or stop yourself from fully being you

To let go of any blocks you have from expressing yourself in an authentic way, you need to be willing to look at what fears or doubts you have.  This is the only way to dismantle them and get rid of them.  I love using EFT with clients, because it's simple to learn and highly effective.  But whatever method works for you.  Just do it.  You won't be sorry. 

When you connect to your authentic self - you create from a place of power

When you have the courage to really drop into who you are and what drives you, you're energized, inspired, and you create from a place of power.  You have more answers on a direction to take, your decisions come easier, and your overall energy level and enthusiasm rise.

Take a chance on slowing down, connecting in, and then living from that place of being.  

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