Removing the Blocks to Passion and Purpose

Do you have a passion?  A burning desire to do something?  Do you know what you want to do but for some reason, aren't doing it?  If you aren't doing it, you have blocks to passion or purpose.


Maybe you'd like to be passionate about something, but haven't discovered what it is yet.  In this article I'll cover how to discover what blocks you from following through on your passions.  In upcoming blogs, I'll cover ways to dissolve these blocks and if you have trouble accessing your passions, I'll write about ways to discover what your passions are, or what your purpose is.

What Blocks You From Taking Action

If you're not following your passion, purpose, or heart's desire, there's something blocking it.  Two of the biggest reasons people block their ability to take action or to drop into their passion and purpose are:

  • Fear, 
  • or a feeling of "Not deserving it".  
Either of these will stop you from taking action.  Underneath procrastination, reluctance, or "reasons for not doing it" are some of the following:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of making a mistake
  • Fear of success - this one can sometimes be even more compelling than "fear of failure"
  • Don't deserve it - This one is a powerful block and links to self-worth or self-esteem
  • Guilt or shame over something you before.  This creates a feeling of "I'm not worthy"
  • Overwhelm - this is also a form of fear
  • "I don't have the time, energy, or money"
The list goes on.  But the reason we block ourselves is for protection. We don't want to feel pain, discomfort, or humiliation.  These are common reactions, especially if we've experienced them before, and most of us have.  When we've had deep disappointments, felt embarrassed, ridiculed, or hurt, of course we don't want to feel these emotions again.  We'll do just about anything not to feel that way again - including sabotaging our own happiness or success.


Identify Your Blocks to Passion and Purpose

To identify what holds you back, look at reasons you give for  not doing something.  Dig a little deeper, if necessary.  Ask yourself why you haven't done it.  Then ask yourself what "might happen" if I did do it?  Are you afraid or nervous about someone else's reaction?  Do you feel like you're on overwhelm with too much going on?  Do you think it will take away from time you spend with family or friends?  Do you think it will have an influence over your finances?

While all of these are concerns are valid reasons for not doing something, when you're 100% congruent with what you want to do, you find a way.  You become creative and you're driven to find solutions so you can accomplish what it is you're passionate about.

  • You reorganize your schedule so you do have time to do it. 
  • You find a way to do it where it doesn't impact you negatively in regards to your finances.
  • You work through your reaction to how another person's opinion affects you  

What if You Still Can't Find Out What Your Underlying Fear or Doubt Is?

If the exercise above didn't bring up the "reasons you can't do what you want to do", look at it from the opposite side.  By not following your passion or taking action, what does it keep you from doing?  How does this protect you or "benefit" you?  If we avoid something, even when it's good for us, somewhere it's because there's an upside to it.  We benefit in some way.  The benefit usually being a way in which to protect ourselves. In other words, what are you avoiding so you can feel "safe"? "Safe" being comfortable, "not putting yourself out there", or "not standing out."

Think of it this way.  Imagine you want to lose weight.  You've tried everything you know to lose weight. Somehow though, you only lose a pound or two, or you lose it, but then regain the weight. Something within you is keeping you from achieving the weight loss.  It could be:

  1. Not following through on your diet or exercise program
  2. Keeping you from discovering what would work for you
  3. Fully committing to finding the solution no matter what it takes
In the example of losing weight, some women have said, it was because "Then men would make inappropriate comments like they did before", or "Then my friend would be jealous and take jabs at me or make me feel bad because she was still overweight".  When they discovered what was holding them back from losing weight, and changed that belief, they were able to go forward and lose the weight they desired.

If You Find Yourself Back in the Same Place, Look at What's Missing

When you find yourself back in the same position, over and over again, there's something missing.  If you don't feel the drive or passion to accomplish it, no matter what, there's something standing in the way.  And that something is either fear or a feeling of not being worthy.  This can come out as "I don't have what it takes to succeed.  I'm not enough."  

Not "Being enough" covers a lot of areas:
  1. Not good enough
  2. Not smart enough
  3. Not organized enough
  4. Not healthy enough
When you're 100% committed to achieving your goal, (by incorporating your passion for it), a part of you pushes through. Your passion is what fuels you to keep going when challenges come up.  

For example, if your issue was the "not healthy enough"thought, but you were committed to succeeding, you'd find a professional who could help you attain the health you need.  If it was not feeling smart enough, you'd take a class, read about it, or enlist the help of someone who could guide you through the process.  

By identifying what your fears are, you have the information and the ability to dissolve these fears and doubts.  By doing this, you find your passion and in turn, it helps you create success.

Tap Into Your Indomitable Human Spirit

As humans, our spirit and drive are amazing.  As the Urban Dictionary states. Our indomitable human spirit cannot be subdued or overcome.  We're unconquerable.  When you bring your beliefs into alignment with what you love, there's no stopping you.

In a future article I'll take you through some tapping examples for releasing the fears, doubts, or blocks you have to fully taking hold of your passion and allowing it to motivate your actions.  If you want to receive the next blog article, you can check back here or sign up below for my newsletter.  In the meantime, you can check out What is EFT?  to look at a simple to learn technique, that helps dissolve any blocks  keeping you from moving forward.  

If you're ready to discover and what your passions are, or how to remove any blocks to them, book a complimentary call.  We'll discuss your goals and the steps you can take to a fullfilling life, based on your passions and goals.

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