Letting Go of Self-Judgment

letting go

When you hold non-judgment and compassion for yourself, you create substantial benefits for yourself.  You hold optimism, increase your level of success, and even increase your immune system's ability to function at optimal levels.

Not only that, but you're able to fully explore all your options and your abilities. It gives you permission to take a chance - to really go for greatness without the encumbrance of judgment or blaming.

When you let go of being critical of yourself, you free yourself up and you also add courage to the mix.  Rather than judging the steps, you take, instead, view your actions and decisions with curiosity.  
  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What can I alter to create better results?
  • Is there more I can pursue in this area of thought or action?
When you give yourself permission to just be present with what is, you open a whole new horizon of possibilities.

What if you had an amazing supporter? Someone who believed in you.

Here’s something to consider.  How would your work, actions, or decisions change if you really knew you had someone in your life who believed in you and who supported everything you did?  How would that feel?  If, no matter what you did, this person said, ”Well, good for you for taking a chance.  Were these the results you were going for?  And if not, is there another direction or tactic you could take to get the results you want?  What else could you do, in a different way to support your desired goal?” Or, “That was great!  You look like you’re really on track here.  I have so much belief in you.”  

No criticism.  Just a deep desire to be the best source of support they could be.  And even be a sounding board for your decisions.  
How would this change your performance or even your view of an upcoming decision?  What would your level of confidence be? 

Let that person be you

Now that you’ve imagined this other person and all of the benefits they would bring to your life,  let that person be you.  Step into that role for yourself.  Be your best champion.  Leave judgment at the door and go wholeheartedly for what you want, or what you believe.  

Give yourself permission to mess up and make mistakes.  When you let go of the need to be perfect, you open up so many more options for yourself.  You’re free from judgment or criticism and you're able to really fly.

shine your light

Give yourself permission to be both brilliant & imperfect, all at the same time 

Realize that’s it’s ok to make mistakes.  It’s part of being human.  You can be both perfect, brilliant, and imperfect.  Because when you know this, it’s such a feeling of freedom.  You’re giving yourself full permission to explore all of your options.  

The ones that work, you keep.  The ones that don’t, you let go of. By being kind to yourself, which means allowing for whoever you are in that moment, you learn more about yourself, and how to move forward in a much easier way.  

Life is hard enough without adding extra judgment to it

The kinder you can be to yourself, the easier life becomes.  Life already sends us enough challenges without us adding self-judgment to the mix.  Let yourself off the hook.  Allow yourself to make mistakes, and celebrate your courage in taking a chance. 

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